- Based in Hong Kong and move towards to the world-  

-        紮根香港、邁向世界  -

Hong Kong Internet & eCommerce Association (HKIECA) is a professional institution that operates in the form of a social enterprise, which was established in 2013.  HKIECA has been putting much efforts for helping businesses and individuals on knowledge transfer and value added on the aspects of internet applications, electronic marketing and commerce through hundreds of training workshops and seminars. 

From events to training, HKIECA has built partner relationships with many businesses, institutions, NGOs and professional bodies such as Google, Yahoo, eBay, SF Express, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Trade and Industry Department, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. We were supported or co-organized some trips overseas, such as Genève - Swissland, Paris - France, Mexico, Taiwan, China etc for entrepreneurs, employees and students to visit and exchange with companies, NGOs, students or/and governmental services, and even the United Nations.

HKIECA’s missions are:


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